Friday, October 3, 2008

Yet more of a preface...

I have a MySpace page and used to blog on there a lot ... but stopped. I'm not entirely certain why. I know it was partially because no one seemed to care (no comments/feedback) and partially because I realized I was writing about things not a lot of people would care about; the purpose was nothing more than my own narcissistic catharsis. After I officially stopped, I attempted a couple of updates but they were either too long and/or not written well enough for my own rising standards. After wasting upwards of an hour on each of them, I would end up pressing delete. Since discovering my writing is, in fact, NOT as perfect as my then-cocky adolescent ego thought, I've become highly critical of myself and developed some sort of complex about posting unless I deem it “perfect.” Especially on this, a blog of purpose.

Yet I've come to the realization that this blog is about discovery: equally as much a forum (of sorts) for charting scientific progress and sharing information as it is about my own personal developing anecdote ... or case study. Whichever suits your fancy. Hah! However, I will devise a way to navigate this blog so you, the reader, can choose to peruse the research information aspect over my personal information or vice versa, if you so desire. And so ... I shall post. When I find time. I've come to know that life as a full-time undergrad working a patchwork of jobs can be time consuming. But, oh, will I try and make time.

Some things to look forward to:

  • I'm writing a semester-long rhetorical paper (officially) about the influence of blogging on my chosen field (of study). I'm somewhere within the 88-96% range of certainty (still in the research process...finishing up an annotated bib within the next eight hours...gahd) that the paper will focus on the growing popularity of medicating children in response to diagnosis of mental illness and the rising diagnosis of ADHD and bipolar in children itself. I believe one angle will be the voice blogging gives to alternatives to Western medicine. The class also requires a series of three rhetorical analyses on blogs we discover; perhaps I'll post those, too. The completed project will be posted in the end.

  • I'm taking Cognitive Psychology this semester as well and we have a three-page “chapter” due on one aspect of cog psych of our choice. I submitted my top five preferences, among the top two: the difference in the process of cognition for those with bipolar (brand new research) and the difference in the process of cognition for those with ADHD (more supportable). We shall see. (Yeah, I did choose those so I could duly work on this blog, as well. Fer serious.)

Enough. Until next time,

K. Free


Anonymous said...

Hi there! I was just taking this opportunity to come back and visit your blog.

I can relate with the site on My Space. I don't like it. There are nice aspects I am sure, but you have to invite friends, and all the pop ups. It is just not geared for my caliber.

So if you think blogger is better, there is probably a reason which will reaveal itself to you more latter.

So you are writing a paper, with annotated bib? I have written monsters like those. Hard to organize and edit, but a blast when we finally turn it in.

I found out about my depression long ago, I suspected I was probably crazy and manic but just used chemicals illegal ones and alcohol.

Those drugs made my other side get even worse. So I am on meds. Effexor XR, for my depression and chronich anxiety, and Seroquel to help me sleep and keep from becoming a bully.

I am also functioning in this strange world sometimes. I can't say that life is perfect. I have a major problem living life successfully.

I hope you will stay in touch with me and I am glad we are alike.


Kayt Free said...

Thank you for your sweet comment. :) It is always good to meet someone who understands something that's nearly impossible to describe at times.

We shall keep in touch! Stay tuned!


s.musick said...

"Stumbled" across your blog. Maybe not by coincidence at all. Who can say? (I was scrolling through Ani fans, hence the stumble). I digress.

Big shout out for what you're doing here. I'm interested in your thought process off the bat. I don't know how much engaging feedback I'll have, but I'd like to keep up with your progress along the semester.

All the best, O' thoughtful one!