Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Vagina Monologues__baby's first set

I just reread my last post (before the one I posted a few seconds ago) and realized I said I'd maybe post some pictures of the set I poured my heart, soul, sweat, tears, (maybe a little blood...) into:

First, this is the draft. I said I was writing from the drafting studio. Well, here's what I was doing:

...technically, it's just a groundplan, but I used this final draft as a little of everything...

Here is the real thing. It may look as though it's on a slant... because it is! This type of stage is called a "rake" stage, and is basically one big wedge. Yes...that blue thing in the uterus is a blue Illinois. Dang straight, people. Best believe this show went up the Friday after elections... a gamble. But I knew it would turn out juuuussstttt fiiinnnneeee...

Yes. It is anatomically correct. Yes, it is a blueprint. Yes, it is twisted perspective. Yes, it fades to human as one nears the edges... I can't wait to get the official photos. Will post those upon request, as well.

Just a little more about me... Not sure how personal I want to get, but welcome to my world. At least a little bit. :)

PS-- I've decided upon my major finally. BA in Theater with an emphasis on set design/scenic art. So...maybe this justifies more time spent in the theater than with my books? ...starting next semester, my gen ed's will be mostly done, so I really will never leave the theater. Hmm. ...can't say I could be any happier. :)

Fuck sensibility in career choice. It's depressing, repressing, and you won't maximally benefit yourself, your health, or those around you-- no matter how noble the logical profession-- if you're not truly happy.

I know things will work out. They always do. And now I'm big enough, old enough, strong enough, and wise enough to make my own the face of adversity. Even when that face takes the form of those I love and respect most.


L a g g g g . . .

Thank you, S., for prompting me to write once again. :)

It is Sunday. Tomorrow begins the first day of the last week of classes for this horrid semester...which I hope explains part of the reason I've not been writing. The following week is finals. Auditions for the straight play for next semester are tomorrow, Tuesday, and Thursday...silly timing. It comes down to: I'm not auditioning because the time is too crazy-- I have too much to finish. I feel bad for those in the dep't who're studying abroad this semester...I think the timing will upset at least one of them a lot. Baahhh!

So, anyway. I finished gathering info for this psych paper I'm writing on the difference in cognition for those with bipolar. What I'm finding is a difference in memory... hm. More to follow when I finish it. I believe I'll be posting the paper (or at least some findings) Wednesday or's due Wednesday.

As far as my mental health amidst chaos, I can say this: a careful self-ration (I'm sure we've all heard of easy addiction) of Ambien has probably been my saving grace. I did some research about addiction and it scared me. I used it every night for about 2- 2 1/2 wks while I put up/painted my set and was afraid I might not be able to sleep without it. But, I am not addicted. Woo! A good friend of mine was telling me about a tea that serves the same purpose and I'll look that up/give it a try/report...hopefully there are more natural alternatives for sleep insurance. Sleep=sanity. For many...if not everyone. Remember that. It's the best advice I can give.

This winter, I swear there will be a launch of information. I found I can hook up to someone's wireless here @ my g-rents'...yesss. And so...let the blogging truly begin.

Until then: good luck for those of you closing up your semesters. And warm thoughts to all!

Talk soon. xo