Friday, April 3, 2009

Beautiful day

What a beautiful day I had today, and what a sweet relief...just for something "different." I wonder if everybody somehow carries on, looking forward to a break in routine, a break in even monotony...

Well, perhaps my day won't sound as gorgeous as it feels, maybe you don't enjoy the things I do or understand WHY I enjoy them so much...but maybe you can understand the feeling by remembering your own joy-causers...

I woke up later than expected this morning...I was going for 7:40, but got 9:50. That made me a little sad for myself because I thought I wouldn't some things done. But a class was I went to breakfast and had an asiago cheese bagel with sundried tomato cream cheese and a caramel latte. An upgrade to my new every-morning plain wheat with plain cream cheese and black coffee with a shot of vanilla. Interesting that I choose so. I didn't for any apparent reason.

Then, I had a bit of time and went shoe shopping. My old shoes I need to turn into paint shoes as my current ones are SHOT...and I really want a pair of, the Dickie's slip-on kind or Chucks of an obnoxious color. I think I've decided on medium blue. Ah...listen to a painter describe a color as "medium blue"!

PS-- My guru wrote me a LoR and officially called me an "artist" in it. ...just for that small written bit, I feel as though I've graduated or something. Like someone just gave me a degree with a title for my identity...or making my title-hopeful a title-official. just feels good that I'm an artist, not just a student, in his eyes. Brilliant.

Also, today I got to wear a skirt. YES! Wear a SKIRT! My scars from working in the shop and being just clumsy otherwise have faded almost away so I can wear them! I had the scholarship interview and I tried to look "like a million bucks" someone described it. I found a tweed jacket...geniune vintage...@ the Goodwill close to our school for $5.82. It matches the skirt that NOTHING ELSE MATCHES perfectly--it's pleated silk. I had a white cami under and (although I don't in this picture) I was wearing nylons...and they died today, but they fought the good fight. And the shoes look authentic vintage. Here, a picture:
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How vain!, you might think. But sometimes a girl's just gotta be a girl. Today was only special b/c I had the scholarship interview--a reason to dress up after wearing exclusively paint-clothes and not doing your hair. ...I guess I've still got a little performer in me.

I saw my uncle and laid down a groundplan sketch for my second design...

Then the interview. I'm not sure how it went. I was able to answer all of their questions but it didn't take very long. It was a panel of three men, all a bit difficult to read.

So, I headed over to have my Design meeting with Noel...he was a little busy, so I talked to the new Acting/Directing director at the school about the project I had just proposed...I wish I'd have said some of the things we had discussed then at the interview itself. Ah, well...if it's meant to be... Anyway, we talked for a long time and it was productive. Honestly, I wanted to show her that I clean up well... b/c acting directors actually really care about something like that...especially from one who floats between performance and technical/ always is in old, crappy clothes with messy hair. Anyway, I know she saw me in a new light after that--a better one.

Then I met with Noel and design meetings with him are so great. He's my yoda, seriously, and he knows me so well and I know there's so much to learn...and because I'm the only one studying under him his exact profession at the moment, it's like I'm an apprentice. I work alongside him, take lessons from him, learn from him--not just academic/design things, but life things, too. We're always in the same building, so we see each other a Lot. Anyway, that went well. We pondered over my new design and I did some things right!

Then I decided to work a little. I lowered the 42' backdrop I sewed and flew (put it on a pipe and raised it into the same position it's used for in performance when not in view) the day before and found an mended the parts of the actual canvas that needed mending b/c the cloth's ancient. The canvas is a tanned color...and the muslin (which makes up the lower half/extension) is cream...and I did this on-stage, so it was under stage's almost as if I were in costume, really, and I sat on the floor delicately, lady-like, as I hand-sewed that color of really looks like the sail of a ship. It would have made such an interesting picture...the first seam I sewed was in the muslin itself. It was the most beautiful stitch I've ever stitched. So even and constant. (There's a special stitch to mend theatre curtains and fabric scenery) The other three weren't as great...but I think I used all of my abilities. This is the thing...on the other side of the fabric, there were 4 upright pianos and to the left there was a baby grand. I listened to them each be tuned in my 1.5 hour sewing session...and it was like music to me, though it was just noise. So...almost like a little dada mixed with improv jazz. He was an old man, and he answered his phone at one point...he was talking music, talking business. And I thought about how extraordinary someone's life work being some sort of art. I'm so used to hearing about corporate America and the arts seem so far away...or did as I was growing up. Confined to a monitor or Chicago...anywhere else than where I was...somewhere beyond me. And now it's around me...and soon I'll be submerged in it...and soon, "someday soon!", that will be me. I won't just be an art student, I'll be an artist. I love it. I probably love it so much because it's a dream of mine come true.

Then I went to the cafeteria...and dinner was actually pretty good. And there was a waffle-cone ice cream after. :)! I love waffle cones too much.

Then I spent about an hour in relaxed company with two of my best friends...just--relaxed. Because today is Friday.

Now I'm here...getting worried that my lady won't I'm going to try again. I'm here, writing things out, about to do some productive things, and listening to Radiohead and the like.

Ah, what a beautiful day. :)


s.musick said...

Tweed and Radiohead, that is be-au-ti-ful! Glad to hear the spring in your step. Love that a mentor was wise enough to give you a rightful title.

Kayt Free said...

Thanks! Me, too. :)