Thursday, April 2, 2009

Weird Fishes

My life is insanely busy and hectic now...compared to before. I'm not complaining; no, I hope to be reminded of how fortunate I am when I start whining. It's just that after a long, long day of non-stop going...the night is a harbor for whirling energy and emotion. Oh, how I wish I was truly eloquent. I feel so awkward in words tonight.

Tomorrow I have a scholarship application interview. This scholarship may be the very thing that allows me to complete my degree next year. It entails a community service project of the candidate's choice...mine being theater-related, naturally. I proposed creating, producing, and directing a traveling show for the surrounding middle-schools about bullying with a talk-back after. Here's the thing: I have a script in the works for the head of the psychology department on this very issue...but I'm at a standstill; I feel that I'm giving the characters of this age a dated, fabricated voice. Probably because it's TRUE! It seems so contrived. So, here's my plan: I'm taking another playwriting workshop over the summer and doing more research. There is a play our new Acting/Directing professor presented to me promptly: The Secret Life of Girls. I propose that after I read this and I feel that I can't produce better and this is the show I'm looking for, I will use The Secret Life of Girls as my script.

I became the president of my school's Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA). We're hosting an acoustic night/fundraiser/raffle for About Face Theatre, a leading LGBTQ theater in Chicago which may very well close its doors due to lack of funding. Hopefully we can do our part to help! And have fun, of course. :) I must admit...I really want to have official Gay Movie Nights all the time. I think it'll be fun. The membership fluctuates drastically, I hear. We shall see. In hindsight, I should not have logically jumped in to save this ship...but I'm glad I did. The staple members and I have fun...which makes it worthwhile. For the time being. I just need to organize/delegate for this big show! We're being co-sponsored by Student Activities and I think we're going to try and draw in the theatre club.

Tonight I went to another meeting...a Democrats club. I've not had time for it and have been avoiding it, but I really had to go tonight. I'm designing the shirt at the very least. Across the back it's going to read: "IT'S A BIG [insert my adaptation of a donkey's rear] PARTY." Yeah, we like to keep it classy. ;) The front looks official--the logo and my adaptation of a donkey's face. Probably a cartoon'd version of a vintage Dem symbol. Sweet.

And I have homework. Oh, do I have homework. And have to secure a place to live over the summer. And find a place to store the loft I built: 7' tall, fit for a queen-sized bed with 1' space on two sides. And secure a job...luckily, I have a few options.

They cut down on hours in the theatre. ...if it weren't for this Phoneathon I agreed to work and the FINAL arrival of a loan, I'd be so fucked. So, over the summer I'm lookin' to work @ a call center and focus on my designs...I'm designing two shows next year. They'll both be fun, but if I get them worked will be much easier.

See? Lots to do, but little room to complain. I guess the only thing I'm complaining about is having to analyze some Faulkner for tomorrow morning...not just some Faulkner, no, Absolom, Absolom! I need to have a little something prepared about the most complex character, Quentin, because my prof thinks I can handle it. Compliment taken, but...apparently it's one of Faulkner's most difficult/best pieces and you shouldn't start out with it. But here I go! Headlong, folks.

Oh, I'm also designing. Always. There are successes--and I'm out to prove a coupla people wrong! My, what fuel that.

And now, my lady is here after not seeing her in a week...we're both so busy. Some day, we'll have the same homebase. Until then, we con't to grow and manage...

Ah, my life is good. Don't let me forget that.

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