Friday, January 16, 2009

Soular divine

The world appears in the blown glass of her eyes
Set squarely in her handsome face
Atop commanding cheekbones, calling for respect.
If you could tear your gaze from the depths of her soul,
Should you find yourself gorged on the intense wisdom from beyond,
you would be captivated by a mouth so full of character
you should wish to look upon no other with such curiousity.
And you won't.
It is said that the ownership of all wisdom is inborn, then
Lost with the shush of the lips by an angel,
leaving an earthly quest before us to recover ourselves.
Recently past heartache has worn a map on her forehead,
Heartache and worry and despair,
and though I cannot permanently Botox past deficit--
would I want to? For all occurrences serve a natural purpose--
I shan't add.
I hope to continue my journey with such a brilliant sun;
Basking in this warmth is a driving force.

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